Thursday, October 18, 2007

Actual Vegas Pictures

One of our sales guys, Rob, sent me a couple of pics from our Vegas trip today! Nothing real exciting, just us in a place called Rouge in the MGM Grand, but its fun to have some new pics of my work friends. :)

My friend Lauren, Rob, and I. People at work confuse me and Lauren all the time. Its really funny.

Gotta love the pictures taken from 1 foot away. Haha! Me and Lauren.

And before I get the comments about the fact that my glass was empty and Lauren's was full...she had just gotten a new glass and I was finishing mine. (Don't you love the pre-emptive comment stops. Ha!)


Maggie said...

You look so pretty in those pics.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics, makes me want to go to Vegas!

The McB's! said...

You need to put life pictures on the side. In the same fashion as your header. That will really be cool.

Kristen said...

You look GREAT in those pics- so grown up, I hate getting old.