Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ever wear a shirt with your friend's face on it?

I have!

I couldn't start out with the post that everyone is looking for or you'd just stop reading. So I'm saving the house for later. (Plus, I haven't taken any pics yet.)

One of my friends, Derrick, is the assistant band director/percussion guru at Saginaw High School. His band is doing extremely well this year - won several contests, beat out schools that they really shouldn't have seeing as the school is only 2 years old and doesn't even have seniors yet, etc. - so a big group of us decided that we would take a Friday night and relive our High School days by going to a Saginaw football game.

Lindsey Holder, our other friend Angie, and I decided that we wanted Saginaw shirts, but couldn't find any. Then we decided it would be even funnier if we made our own. So we did. And here are the results:

The front - very simple, just iron-on letters spelling out the school's name

The back - a picture of Derrick with the caption "We're just here for Mr. Doyle." Couldn't let anyone think we were actually there to support the KIDS, could we? P.S. - people have always thought that Lindsey and I are sisters and its pictures like this that make me realize why! Close up of the back - Luckily we have a friend with a great sense of humor. He thought it was hilarious! And I think he also appreciated that he got louder cheers when they called his name than the entire band did when they finished their show. :)

Coming up next: "My Name is J'aime"

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Maggie said...

very funny! I am sure he was thrilled to see yall there!