Friday, March 28, 2008

My March in Reverse

So I went to Chicago, went to San Jose, all is well. But instead of writing posts about them in the order in which they happened, I am going to write in reverse order, basically because I'm really excited about the first....

I have a new man in my life and his name is Oliver. :)

Oliver is a puppy I saw online at a rescue organization and just fell in love with. I knew I couldn't take him until after I finished my travel (I don't have anymore planned in the foreseeable future at this time) and the rescue organization was able to continue to foster him until I got back. So yesterday after I got off the plane, I went to pick him up.

He has really come a long way in just one day. He hated riding in cars at the beginning of the day and although I'm not convinced he's totally over it, by the time we drove home, to PetSmart and back, and to our church guy's softball game and back, he was able to just lay down in the back seat wearing his doggie seatbelt and not freak out. And he slept in the crate just perfectly last night.

Right now he's asleep on my lap while I am working. He is such a sweet puppy and although I know the next couple of weeks are going to be hard with crate training and him getting used to not being around a lot of other dogs, in the end it will totally be worth it. And as a first time dog mama, I'm sure I'll be asking for advice from you guys (Thanks for taking my freakout call today Ashley!!!)

I'll post pictures soon....once I can get the dog off my lap. :)


Anonymous said...

Good thing "Oliver" is a puppy name. I can't imagine the embarassment of telling all of your friends your MAN's name is Oliver. Of course I had to tell all of my guy friends that I was with Bryan.


Maggie said...

You keep saying you will post trip pics... well??????

Amanda said...

Hey Emily. I stalk your blog. Thought I'd confess. Glad to touch base with you in blogland.

Jenn said...

i was thinkin' the same thing josh was... the name oliver... but then again, i have an Ira.

congratulations momma!

what do the new grandparents think of their new little granddog???!

JenniferReinsch said...