Sunday, March 02, 2008

Happy (Late) Bloggiversery!

Well, I missed my bloggiversery this year (February 14th), so I want to celebrate it today.

In honor of the end of my third year of blogging, I decided to revisit the URL of my blog as well as the ones that I tried to use but couldn't.

My blog address is really rather dumb: lemminggirl. I chose this because nothing normal (like my name) was available and I really didn't think I'd use it very much except to comment on other people's blogs (guess I was wrong there). So I called my blog Lemming girl to signify that I felt like a lemming following everyone else of the cliff and starting a blog. Ironically, nearly all of the "tons of people" that I was starting a blog after have long since abandoned their blogs and I am one of the veterans among my blogging friends! So much for being a lemming, huh?

Now I'd like to take a few moments and honor the amazing, high-quality blogs that have been sitting on some of the names I wanted to use for the past three years. You really should add these to your blogroll - their posts will change your life.
- (my personal favorite. A great use of a good URL)
- (ironically, this one is in Abilene which is where I was when I started mine)

Finally, I leave you with a few favorite posts:

- My very first "Good Idea/Bad Idea"
- Probably my most serious post ever, but it means a lot to me.
- You may not think this is very funny, but I think its hilarious! I was so proud of myself for this one. :)
- Another favorite "Emily is an idiot" moment.
- Finally, a shout out to my brother's amazing talent. He's taking orders can leave a comment here and I'll get you in touch if you're interested. :)

Happy 3 years everybody!


Maggie said...

Twas the night before Sabre...

funniest post EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lindsey said...

It's funny, I actually thought about your safety pin blackout story today. I needed to do that to one of my pant legs today. Instead I just went with one pant leg longer and got mad when I realize I could have worn jeans today.

hr said...

Yay 3 years!