Monday, July 21, 2008

Like riding a bike? Really?

Whenever people are talking about something that you never forget how to do, they always say "It's like riding a bike," implying that once you've learned how to ride a bike, you can just hop back on one at any time. Today, I proved them wrong.

That's right. I discovered tonight that I don't know how to ride a bike.

With Vanessa moving in she also brought a set of bikes that she and Ben bought a while ago (and have never really ridden). They told me I could use them, so tonight I went and bought a helmet, put on my ipod, and got on the bike. And immediately realized I had no idea what to do! Every time I tried to pedal it would veer random ways and I could get about 2 rotations in before I'd start to fall. Then trying to figure out the whole gears thing...forget it!

I was really happy when I realized it had a flat tire, so I HAD to stop riding. And I'm going to pretend the tire was why I was having so much trouble....and then try to find some time to re-learn how to ride a bike!

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Jennifer Reinsch said...

That's too funny. One summer I broke both my arms riding a bicycle. Haven't ridden a bike since.