Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back to the Wedding

So I've decided to do the blog I talked about in the last post, but I'm going to do it right and really prepare before I launch it. So I'll let you know when I get it done!

And now I decided that I should finish my posts about the wedding I went to in August before October hits! Lindsay's wedding was beautiful, the reception was awesome, and I now have another roommate married before me! :)

The most bizarre thing from this wedding happened at the reception though. The reception was at a Country Club, so we wanted to get some pictures on the golf course before going in. They went ahead and opened the buffet for the guests. When we came back in, Deborah and I started looking at the cake, then we went and looked at the groom's cake. It was chocolate and had a couple of chocolate covered strawberries. It looked a little funny and we couldn't figure out why...until a guest walked in between us, picked up tongs and took one of the last two strawberries off the top of the cake! The guests had eaten ALL of the chocolate covered strawberries off the TOP of the cake!!! WHO DOES THAT??? I've been to many weddings in my time and have never seen anyone even THINK about touching the cake before its cut! The photographer didn't even get pictures of it before it was picked apart. So sad.

Here are a few pictures from rehearsal dinner and the wedding.

Nichole, Me, and Deborah at the rehearsaLindsay and Deborah as we were getting ready
My first limo ride ever! Going from the church to the reception. Notice the glasses still...stupid pink eye!!The newlyweds in the limo!Going out to the golf course....we got some really cute pictures in the golf carts.
Cutest ring bearer ever! This conversation went something like this: "Will you take a picture with me?" "No."

The remaining roomies with our new friend, Katie. She is the new girlfriend of one of our college friends and we LOVE HER!!!

That about sums up our wedding weekend! It's about time, huh?


Maggie said...

love those brown dresses!

Daniel & Zoe's Mommy said...

my mother in law had pink eye at our wedding...I don't think she's ever "forgiven" herself for that!

agree, brown dresses with that cute green (?) belt....NICE

Emily said...

Yep, green. We searched EVERYWHERE for green dresses that were both cute and the right color of green and eventually decided they didn't exist. :)