Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Short Fling With a New Blog Idea

For awhile, I've been wanting to make a blog/website devoted to cooking for one. It is such a challenge and pretty frustrating to try to buy groceries and cook for just one person - you're either really limited in what you can do, or you end up with a ton of leftovers that go bad before you can eat them. I've spent the last 5-ish years modifying recipes and coming up with some really good ones that work perfectly for single cooking, and I have people ask me for recipes all the time. So I thought I'd open it up and just start sharing them and see where it goes. Sounds like a pretty decent idea, right?


I started looking for a blog name just to see what was available....every variation of cookingforone, cookingsingle, singlecooking, cookforone, etc. is taken. Every one of them is this same idea. Every one of them has no more than three posts - an introduction post and possibly two actual recipes before abandoning it a couple years ago. So now I'm pretty sure that if I started this, I'd just reach the same fate. Maybe someday I'll decide to go for it and will actually build something worth reading, but for now, I'm pretty sure it would just be a blog-fling.

Unless someone can think of a really creative cooking name for me. :)


Kristen said...

I think it's a great idea!! I had a lot of trouble coming up with my cooking blog name, too. I jut ended up adding texas to the end of what I wanted. Lame, I know. I hate it when the good ones are taken, but there not even using them!!!

hr said...

Maybe you could give it a test run on this blog and tag all the posts something clever? she says hopefully because this is a great idea.

Ashley said...

How 'bout TableforOne?? I dunno, I think its cute!! :)
Good luck finding something!

Deborah said...

You should totally do this! The stubborn side of me says, "Prove those other three-post-only blogs to shame, girl!"

Natalie said...

oh, i have an idea. why don't you use the Table for One name that ashley suggested and do something like Table for One Tuesday or Table for One Thursday. or even Modifying Monday. you could also add the Mr. Linky to the post so that others could post recipes on their blogs and link back to yours. okay, well i'm now officially out of ideas but i think it would be a great topic to post about!!!