Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm Back Baby!

So my sweet roommate overheard me whining about my lost camera cord and realized that since we have the same camera, I could use her cord! Hooray!! :)

Starting the trip back down memory lane...early August, I went to Amarillo for my college roommate, Lindsay's wedding! It's been a long time coming and I was so happy to be able to be there for her big day - especially because I almost wasn't. In true Emily fashion, I came down with Pink Eye the night before we were supposed to leave for Amarillo! But after an early morning trip to CareNow, I made my way there and was stuck in glasses all week. :(

First stop on Wedding Weekend 2008, Lingerie Shower!

Deborah, Nichole and I threw a fabulous Lingerie Shower. We played the best lingerie shower game ever (not really a game, but a fun activity that wasn't too cheesy and everyone really enjoyed! I'll tell you about it if you're interested) and had a cake that we made. It was really great.

Me and my college roomies: Deborah, Lindsay, and NicholeOpening presents

Up next: The Bachelorette Party!


Trey Laminack said...

Ok, so you have a blog post about a lingerie party and the only pic we get is a cake?

The McB's! said...

its about time!

Maggie said...

okay sorry that was me that said "about time" I was stilled signed in as KK after updating her blog.