Saturday, December 03, 2005

Blogger Woes

So, today I read another installment of Trey's Twelve Blogs of Christmas series and was very pleased yet again. Until I tried to comment. I was faced with the necessary evil of word verification asking me to type in the letters "seminex" so I did. It told me I was wrong, which has happened before, but usually it gives a new word to type. This time it had the exact same word. I typed it again, it told me I was wrong again and gave me the same word. So, not that anyone cares, but here is my comment for today's post in the Twelve Blogs of Christmas:

"I was one of the Cabbage Patch lovers and it was my poor grandmother that had to battle people to get me and Allyson each one. I guess it wasn't really my grandmother that we felt sorry for - more like any of those other people who tried to get in her way! She was a feisty one!

Ben has an XBOX 360 that he spent the night outside of Target for. He tried to sell it on Ebay right when he got home and his was one of the few that didn't sell, so he decided to keep it. I think he should try again now that they are sold out.

Yet another solid post. Keep em coming!"

Has anyone else had problems with word verification?


Allyson said...

Yeah, Grandma was a pretty rockin' lady. Love ya! :)

Emily said...

great job in church yesterday! I miss seeing you there(I mean I know you are there-I just don't see you!) And yes, word verification has been a constant struggle of mine-I sometimes think I need glasses. It is like an eye exam or something.Have a great day-good luck with the whole end of semester thing:)