Thursday, December 08, 2005

Snow Days

My Situation:

  1. As I have mentioned before, most of my friends here are from the midwest or northeast - Chicago, Boston, Gettysburg, Omaha, Detroit, etc.
  2. Starting on Thursday afternoon, we had a sleet/ice storm here in DFW. This caused the usual flipping on bridges, semis jacknifing on the highway, schools cancelled, everyone urged to lock themselves inside because of the impending doom.
  3. All of my friends decide to go on and on and on....and on and on and on...about how stupid Texans are and how "if they shut everything down for weather like this where I'm from, nothing would be open for 2 months" (imagine me saying this in a mocking voice)

My Response:

  1. True, everything would have to be shut down for 2 months. I realize that. But just because you don't close things doesn't mean you shouldn't close things. It is just they don't have the luxury of closing down because of the number of days that they have bad weather. Here in Texas, we get maybe 3 or 4 days a year when roads are bad, and schools have snow days built in, so why not close down and be safe rather than sorry?
  2. You're in my state now! Nobody forced you to come here. If you think its all so stupid, then go back to your stupid snowy state and leave me and my state's paranoia alone!

And last but not least:

  1. I appreciate my friend Bill - AKA Boston Bill. Here is the conversation we had last night over google talk:
  2. Bill: hey you didnt tell me it gets this bad out!
    Emily: you wouldn't have believed me
    Bill: it is like a suicide mission right now if you try to drive
    Emily: yep
    people from midwest and north think that we don't know how to drive in snow
    what you don't realize is we don't get snow....we just get pure ice
    you can't use chains in ice
    Bill: yeah and you have nothing to treat it
    i saw 4 cars get stuck on my hill at the end of mccart

Hope everyone stayed safe and warm during our snowy days! I got to battle the weather and come to campus to work on our big project, but on Wednesday, my 1st semester of MBA school will be done! I will be MIA for about a week while I work on this beast 24/7. Have a great week!

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