Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Case of the Missing Decorator Bag

For those of you who are relatively new readers of my blog, I sell cakes as a (very) small side business. I have a cake that is due tomorrow (a baseball cake - it turned out really great. I'll post pictures tomorrow once I find the battery charger for my digital camera!) so I spent tonight decorating it. Once I was finished and the cake was safely in its box, I started cleaning up. I only used 2 colors on this one, so luckily only had to use 2 bags. I squeezed the big chunks of icing out of the decorator bags into the trash can and then started washing them out with hot water in the sink like I always do. I finished washing out the blue bag and turned to pick up the red bag....and it was gone. I honestly have no clue where it went. Its a decorator bag, for goodness sakes! It can't just get up and walk off! So I think, I'll just clean up the rest of the kitchen and it will turn up. My kitchen is now spotless, and there is still no red bag. I checked the trashcan to make sure I didn't throw it away (I don't care about the bag so much as the tip that was on it!) and it isn't there. I searched in my pantry, checked my refrigerator and freezer, looked in all the cabinets, walked through my apartment which I should mention, is CLEAN right now, even though I never left the kitchen with the bag. I can't find it anywhere. I have finally given up looking. But the best part is, I know that somewhere in my apartment is a decorator bag with a little bit of red icing just sitting somewhere, waiting to be found. It may be found tomorrow, or next week, or even as far away as when I move again. And the longer it goes, the more disgusting that butter-based icing will get. I think I need to call in Nancy Drew before it really starts to rot!


JK said...

This is an odd question: Did you ever live in New Jersey? I'm looking for an old friend; you've got her name and her smile.

Emily said...

Nope, never lived in Jersey. I'm a Texan all the way. :)

Ashley said...

Although I've never replied to your blog before now...I just had to. I think that the best part of your story is that your apartment is CLEAN! :)
Hope your Christmas was good! Talk to you soon. Hope you find the bag...before you smell your way to it!!