Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Bloggiversery!!!

While most people are celebrating a happy day with their loved ones, I'll be celebrating a different type of holiday....my bloggiversery. Thats right, folks. I have been blogging for 1 year today. 111 posts (including todays)...more comments than that....all in all its been a pretty good year. I'll have to take my laptop to dinner tonight to celebrate.

Okay, enough of that. A lot of you from Altamesa know Tyson Browning. He is a professor in the MBA program as well and I am in his Operations Management (OM) class. Well today he said that he was talking to his wife (Meredith) about making candy hearts with Operations themed messages, but decided against it because they might be a bit risque. So my friends and I took it upon ourselves to email back and forth for the rest of the class time making up OM themed candy heart messages. Here are some of them.....and yes, we are huge nerds.
  • Be My Bottleneck
  • You Increase My Output
  • My utility is rising
  • You maximize my flow rate.
  • Process This
  • Baby, I wanna "six sigma" you up.
  • U Decrease the Variation of My Normal Distribution
  • You control my processes.
  • Wanna buffer my zone?
  • You complete my sample
  • The Variation in my Heartbeat is Assignable to U
  • You Project My Band
  • You’re just my sample size.

Happy Operations Management Day!

P.S. - We did pay attention too. I am a master multi-tasker; I can make up funny comments while learning all about p-charts, R charts, and x-bar charts. That's my official disclaimer so no one goes and tells Tyson that we don't pay attention in his class. :)

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