Thursday, February 02, 2006

THE Interview

Remember this post? Well take away the 2-way mirrors and add 1 interviewer and you have my interview today! Hardest interview I've ever had in my life!!

It actually went rather well...I couldn't really tell because both interviewers kept this little smirk on their faces the whole time like they had a huge secret. They were throwing questions at me left and right, would interrupt me and challenge what I had just said (even though a few times I KNOW it was just to try to get me to back down from an answer that I knew was right), and asked so many questions I can't even remember any of them. It feels like when you drive somewhere, get to your destination, and then are freaked out cause you can't remember the trip you just took.

I talked to the other 3 people that got callbacks and we all basically feel the same way - no one feels particularly good, but no one feels bad about it either. I guess we are all on level playing fields and just have to wait! The good thing is, all of the other people are awesome candidates too, so if i don't get it, I won't be feeling like the job went to someone that I was better than. I guess I'll have to post an update on this in a couple of weeks when we find out who gets it! Thanks for the thoughts and prayers!


Megan said...

I hope you get it! Wow-you have to wait a few weeks...that's a really long time! Good luck!

Stuben said...

God has a plan for you. You will know it when you see it.

Emily said...

Yeah, I'm not worried about it. If I get it, that will be great. But if not, its obviously not the place for me. :P