Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A song my Mom used to sing and I have been singing to myself lately

Be patient
Be patient
Don't be in such a hurry

For when you
Aren't patient
You only start to worry

That God is patient too

And think of all the times
That others have to wait for you.


Lindsey said...

Yeah, my mom used to sing that song too. When she sang it, it was part of our punishment. I inherited my mom's non-singer gene. If Kim and I began to argue or whine, she would start singing, we would stop whatever we were doing, just so we didn't have to hear her continue on.

Maggie said...

Maisy hates that song, all I can get in is "Be patient be...." and she runs off screaming.

Emily said...


Ashley said...

Oh my goodness...I thought that was just MY mom that sang that! Hahah.. gotta love it! :)