Friday, May 18, 2007

I'm Moving....again!

I have been struggling basically all year with where I was going to live once I graduate. I have been going back and forth between Dallas and Fort Worth for months. Most of my friends are moving either to Dallas or out of DFW altogether, but I had just enough people in Fort Worth that I decided to stay here.

The day after I posted the new apartment I found in FW, one of my friends that was going to be staying here decided to move. Two days later, two more friends that were going to be in FW decided they weren't anymore. Two days later, three more people bailed on Fort Worth and I started wondering if this wasn't a sign of some sort. Maybe there is something else out there that I need to be exploring.

So after a loooooooottttt of thinking, praying, and talking to different people, I decided that I was going to revisit the Dallas option. I've been apartment searching for about a week and on Wednesday, I found an apartment that I am so excited about! It is Manchester State Thomas in Uptown Dallas. Its got a great location, hardwood floors, more space than the apartment in FW, and is just perfect for me. So come visit me at my new place in just a little over a week!

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