Sunday, May 27, 2007

Red Sox Attempt 3

Attempt 1: 2006, Red Sox vs. Rangers series was during our big Integrated Project. No go.
Attempt 2: 2007, had tickets for opening weekend. It was FREEZING and miserable. No go.

My friend, Boston Bill called me on Friday morning to tell me that the Red Sox were back in town and we were going. So we hopped in my car and went to the game. No sooner had we gotten into the stadium, it started POURING rain! Our third attempt at seeing this game and it was going to be rained out!Two hours after the game was supposed to start, we looked out and saw the people taking the tarp off the field! We were going to get to see the game!This made Bill very happy. :)Surprisingly (or maybe not!) a lot of people waited out the storm! The stadium was more full than it has been for games on perfect days. Look how full it was!So after 2 years and 3 attempts, Bill and I finally got our Rangers vs. Red Sox game, and I get to cross an item off THE List. :)

61. See the Rangers play the Red Sox

Sorry for the low quality pics...I took them on my cell phone!


Bonniebeewester said...

Well sonograms and people our age seem to be the norm right now so I can see why you'd assume I had one. Ha!! Not for awhile. Life is toooo friggin' easy right now, ya know? Plus those things poop and thanks!

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Chris said...

I was actually at that game too. Good times!