Thursday, July 05, 2007

Its Time for Another....

Good Idea:
Running out to your car in the parking garage in the center of your apartment building to get your iPod before going downstairs to workout

Bad Idea:
Forgetting that the doors to the building automatically lock when closed while running out to your car in the parking garage and locking yourself in the MIDDLE of the building with no way to get out.

I've apparently discovered a teensy flaw with the design of my apartment complex...


Bogle said...

That is SO something I would do.

Adam actually got locked in between two buildings (by the janitor who left him there) at ACU during Kadesh at 10:30pm. Funniest ever!

Ashley said...
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Ashley said...

Ok, I'm officially calling you out to update your blog! You usually update at least once a week and now its been 2! :) I need news!! Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

Weird to do this, but an old friend of mine 'googled' my name looking for my email address and then shot me the link to your blog with my name on it. I don't know if it's me or not, but my name IS oddly spelled, and I went to Westcreek Elementary, Wedgwood Middle, and then moved to North Carolina in the 8th grade. And I had Mrs. Smith in the first grade, Mrs. Warren in Kindergarten, Mr. Palmer for art, etc. And I remember "going with" a girl named Jessie in the 4th grade...or 5th grade. If Elly Burnor is the Elly you mention on your blog, then this is all too strange, but also pretty cool.

Let me know.

Allyn Steele (i'm a teacher at a school in south carolina)