Monday, July 02, 2007


Here are a few pics from the Swedish Midsummer Celebration I attended in Skansen.

First up - me in my flower wreath thingy that everyone makes for themselves out there. If this were in America, I would have been arrested for picking daisies in a public park, but luckily for the thousands of people there...its not America! (Our Bluebonnet Advocates could learn a thing or two from the Swedes about actually enjoying your flowers rather than roping them off and forbidding people to do anything except admire from afar...)

Right at 3:00pm, the Swedish Minstrels came parading down the road, leading everyone to the place where the Maypole would be raised.

Raising the Maypole (yes, I know its June....)

After it was up, everyone sang songs with the band and danced around the Maypole. I took this while we were hopping in a circle singing a song about a frog (or at least thats what they translated in English)

On the Midsummer Eve, single girls are supposed to put 7 flowers under their pillow and they dream of their future husband. So of course, I had to try it.

Did I dream of my future husband? Not unless my future husband is Nigel Barker, because I dreamed of So You Think You Can Dance that night. Oh well....I gave it a shot! :)

Up next on the Tour of Sweden - The Absolut Ice Bar! Stay tuned....


Ashley N said...

Maybe your future husband is one of the dancers on SYTYCD! Not Kameron though because I think he's my favorite...never thought I'd like a guy in a mohawk :)

Wezie said...

"Nigel and Emily sitting in a tree..." No, it just doesn't sound right!

What an awesome experience for you to be in Sweden during midsommer!

JenniferReinsch said...

Good morning. I have clicked on your blog numerous times through Trey's. It has been fun reading of your travels through different continents. Of the shower in the middle of the room Russia (because bathing is considered a waste of resources and is done once a week at the most), oftentimes, the shower or bath will be in the middle of the kitchen.