Thursday, July 19, 2007


Sorry for the lack of posting. A lot has been going on, but I promised pictures of the Vasamuseat and they were on my work computer so I've been hesitating to post anything else!

To answer Bekah's comment from my last post, my favorite thing in Sweden and the thing that I would say is the biggest "must-see" in Stockholm is the Vasa. The Vasa is a really old ship that sank in the 1600s. It was at the bottom of the ocean for about 300 years and in the 1970's they were finally able to find it, raise it, and restore it! It is straight up Pirates of the Caribbean style and is just awesome to look at. And the museum that it is in is quite possibly the most well done museum I've ever been in. Everything was really interesting and I could've spent an entire day in there! It gave the backstories about the wars going on that the ship was built for, life aboard the ship, life in Sweden during that time period, information about the inquisition that investigated the sinking, videos about how they raised it, etc. So with no further ado, here is the Vasa:

The carvings on the back were really cool, but hard to get a picture of.
Yet another awkward picture that I had to have a total stranger take of me. :)
In this part they showed you how small the spaces inside of the ship were. The ceilings were really low, but I guess that was okay since most of the people were about 5 ft tall! This wooden guy kept staring at was creepy! :)
Well thats all from the big old ship. Now that I've gotten the pictures off of my work computer, we can now return to our regularly scheduled bloggings.


hr said...

That is COOL.

Kristen said...

Glad you found my blog. I will have to add you to my friend list to keep checking on. So fun, Casey totally forgot about practice yesterday. He was so sad when he remembered later that night. Hopefully he can still play! :)
Thanks for all the prayers!
Hopefully I will see you at church soon.

Jennifer Meachem said...

that is so cool! i think i saw that ship on a travel how... didn't it sink like right after it disembarked?

Emily said...

Yeah, it sunk on its "Maiden Voyage." It was about three months into it, but it was the first time it went out on the sea.