Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Absolut Ice Bar

As promised, the next stop on Emily's tour through Sweden is the Absolut Ice Bar!

I got off of the train that goes from the airport to the city and the first thing that I see as I'm walking to my hotel is the Absolut Ice Bar...next door to my hotel! Going to an Ice Bar is number 66 on THE List, so I had to make a reservation.

66. Go to an Ice Bar

If you don't know what an Ice Bar is, it is exactly like it sounds. Everything is made of ice: The tables, chairs, bar, glasses, walls...everything. I saw it on The Bachelor a few years ago and have always wanted to go. It really is just a novelty attraction. They do appointments in 45 minute increments, let 30 people in at a time, you get one small drink and then spend the next 43 minutes taking pictures. It was still really cool though!

And of course, I couldn't go to a cool place without making a scene....I set my ice glass on the bar at one point and it slipped right off and broke. Ha!
The last cool thing about this is that not only do I get to cross an item off THE List, I am going to be in a documentary! There was a German documentary crew there during my time slot making a travel guide film about Stockholm and since I was there by myself, the host of it talked to me a lot so that the camera could get film of him looking like he was there with people. Not that I'll ever see this video, but at least I'll know it exists. :)

Up next: The Vasamuseat AKA a really big old ship


karen b said...

this is the coolest (no pun intended) business trip i've ever heard about -- can i go with you on your next one??

Emily said...

Ha! My fun for this trip was largely due to the fact that the conference got moved back a day and I didn't know about it til the week before. So I had all day Sunday and Monday to just explore (when I would have been in conference) and then had to move my flight back to Saturday night because flights out on Midsummer were expensive, giving me Friday to just play. Pretty sure this will be the last business trip with this much free time!

Joel said...

So how's the marathon training going!

You know, gallivanting around Scandinavian ice bars is no way to prepare for a 26.2 mile adventure (or even the 3.1 mile version).

However, that is some very attractive silver outerwear you have on. Do they hand those out at the door? ;-)

Emily said...

Nah, I brought my own. :) Just kidding! The "warm clothing" is a part of the package.

Marathon training on hold right now besides treadmill running....Dallas has been insane with storms and everything has been flooded and closed for about 2 weeks now. So I'm thinking I'm going to wait for a January marathon instead of an October one like I was thinking of doing. Thanks for asking!

Rebekah said...

so, what was your favorite place in sweden? i'm in the middle of planning my dream vacation (that i can go on only if i marry or become a brain surgeon) and i've always wanted to go to sweden.