Saturday, May 10, 2008

The United States of Texas

Today I was doing my daily scan of articles, and started reading an article about Jenna Bush getting married. Nice sweet article...President's daughter is getting married this weekend...met her fiance through the 2004 campaign...Ole' W is really excited to be the father of the bride....and then I saw this line:

"As is customary in Texas, Jenna Bush will have a "house party" of 14 women instead of bridesmaids. The first lady's office described them as guests of honor, with no role in the ceremony."

Two things strike me as odd in this statement:
1. They talk about Texas like it is a foreign country. Like we have these bizarre customs and you need your passport to enter.

2. I have been to hundreds of weddings in my lifetime here in Texas....I have never heard of the custom of having a "house party" instead of bridesmaids! I have heard of having a house party in addition to the bridesmaids (as Maggie puts it, it is the time to show your friends what you REALLY think of them by who makes the bridesmaids cut!) They make it sound like this widespread thing that everyone in Texas would immediately know about.

This made me laugh today. :)


Joel said...

Did Texas sign NAFTA?

In other news, I'm not sure if you've seen the following:
T.O. stars alongside Flavor Flav in sitcom debut

JenniferReinsch said...

I kind of understand the "Republic of Texas" thing. When I moved back to Texas from going to school in Michigan, I had to fill out about a 100 page document to prove that I desperately wanted to be a resident of Texas.

I've now decided that I, too, am going to have a house party and bridesmaids, but they are going to be auditioning for their spots. So, if anyone makes me mad, then they get demoted to lowly house party participant.

Emily said...

And if they make you really mad, you can demote them to person who gets an invite with NO "& guest"!

Emily said...

And yes I did see the T.O./Flavor Flav news. As pathetic as some of my TV tastes are, I don't think I'll stoop that low!