Saturday, May 24, 2008

RIP Samsung Blackjack

First of all, is it sad that I have enough cell phone stories for it to have its own tag?

Today, my Samsung Blackjack met a sad demise. It was set on the back of my car while I put on sunscreen before a soccer game. In a tragic twist of fate, it was left there and was found in the street later this afternoon, having been run over multiple times. It was pronounced dead on the scene.

The Blackjack has been a fine companion for the past year and half - keeping me up to date on my email, alerting me when I had appointments coming up, and even being useful for the occasional phone call. Its ease of use was beyond compare and will be truly missed.
The Blackjack is survived by its SIM card, which has gone on to live with Blackjack's successor, the Blackberry Curve.

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Joel said...

In an odd twist of fate, I have been assigned use of a Blackjack II at work. It is the same color as the Blackberry you have displayed. Do you believe in PDA reincarnation?