Friday, May 23, 2008

Upward Part 2

In January, I coached 4th Grade Cheerleaders for Upward Basketball. At the end of the season, they started the recruiting drive for soccer coaches. My brother signed up to coach a 5th-6th grade team and asked me to be his assistant coach. I must have on something that day, because I actually agreed.
Neither one of us knew what we were really getting into...because the 5th-6th teams were all filled by parents, so we got put with a 1st-2nd grade boys team! It has definitely been a challenge. I thought my 4th grade girls had no attention span....these boys have a -5 sec attention span. I can't even get their attention in the first place! They're cute though and it has definitely given me a new appreciation for parents of elementary school boys!


Ashley N said...

How bout teachers of elementary school age boys?? I had 15 boys in my class of 19!

Emily said...

Yeah...that too! I feel for you!

Anonymous said...

Brian & I coached this age group before. One of their most favorite things we did was to give them each of them one quarter for each of their hands (part way through practice). Whatever they were able to keep in their hands at the end of practice they got to keep. It kept them from touching the ball & EACH OTHER!!

Jen G

Deb Weck said...

Uh...How about for the TEACHERS of elementary school boys!?!?