Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The best cookies ever...only not at all

Have you ever had those really soft thick sugar cookies with the thick icing on top from the grocery store? Because if you haven't you probably don't live in the United States or are diabetic. I hate those cookies. Everyone else in the world thinks they are the greatest things ever and go nuts every time they are around - usually in Youth Group functions. I think they have absolutely no taste and the icing makes me sick. I thought I was the only one in the world who didn't like them until last week when I found out that Lindsey doesn't like them either! It made my day to learn that someone else doesn't like them either.

The reaction I get when I tell people that I don't like them is usually pretty horrific. Have you ever told someone that you don't like something they love? Here is how the conversation usually goes: Me - "I don't like those cookies with the thick icing on top" Other person "WHAT??? YOU DON'T LIKE THE COOKIES WITH THE THICK ICING ON TOP??? WHO ARE YOU???" I mean seriously, you'd think I insulted their mother or something! Why is it that it is awful to admit that you don't like something? The same things happens with movies, when you don't like a movie that everyone else loved (for me, its The Village. Great movie until the creatures were fake. The only good twist was Joachin Phoenix getting stabbed) or a speaker/preacher/teacher that you don't think is great (for me, its Stephen Moore at ACU. I think he is the most overrated teacher/chapel songleader ever). I am hoping that someday, society will accept me for who I am - someone who dislikes thick icing cookies.


Lindsey said...

Ha! I was reading your post and thought, "Oh my gosh I hate those too!" Then I read further into your post, forgot about our conversation from last week, thanks for crediting me into the club. I used to buy those all the time for my hall meetings as an RA, which actually worked out well, because it made everyone happy, and I didn't pig out on the leftovers.

Anonymous said...

The more you talk of Food the more we make fun of you, ask Linds.