Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Happy Alias Day!

In tonight's episode of Alias, the first mission was run in Salzburg, Austria! It was totally weird hearing them talk about it. They mentioned a lot of the things that I noticed when I was there - right down to the smoking!

I adore Alias. Patty and Wade used to talk about it all the time and how it was a great show, but I never watched it until this year. My roommate decided to rent Season 1 and we watched it from the first episode until the last episode of Season 3 through Netflix. After that we were all hooked and counting down the days until Season 4 re-watching Seasons 1-3 over and over again. Then we started telling our friends and family and making them watch it. All four of the roommates made it priority one to create "Alias Converts" as we dubbed them. Lindsay got all of her family one weekend by bringing home Season 2 which is by far the best season (we owned them all by this point) and then started on the Theatre department. She is winning the contest with 5 converts. I am in second with both of my parents (true, they are only casual watchers, but I'm padding the numbers) and Taylor Stewart. Deborah is in third with Kelley and Ryan Wendt, and Nichole is bringing up the rear with Jason Kennedy.

Now it is Season 4 and we are HUGE nerds because we record it every week and don't record over the week before. So we have the season-to-date chronicled. This came in handy when Taylor finished the first three seasons and the fourth season had 4 episodes already run and needed to watch it. It also scored major points for Lindsay when the dean of the Theatre department missed an episode and couldn't find anyone else that had recorded it. Alias helps us in ways we had never imagined!

Truly, we are obsessed. One of our favorite quotes in our apartment is "Happy Alias Day!" Every Wednesday at Midnight, one of us yells that out and then all day Wednesday, we greet each other with "Happy Alias Day!" We make special dinners and desserts and it is truly a celebration. We have a pin-up of Michael Vartan as Agent Vaughn hanging above our television from Alias Magazine (yes, we also own a copy of Alias Magazine!) All of our computer wallpapers are pictures of Michael Vartan because he is so pretty! So in honor of the sacred holiday that is Alias Day, I would like to pose a few questions and/or comments about Alias.
  • Is Sloane good or bad? We will never know. But if he is bad and takes Jack with him, I will be SOOOOOOO mad!
  • Will Sydney and Vaughn EVER say "I Love You"? Because we know they do! Every time they say something cute or give a cute look to each other or wish each other luck on missions, we like to add in our apartment, "That means I love you."
  • Is anyone more awesome than Jack Frikkin Bristow? (okay, Vaughn is #1 on my list, but Jack is definitely cooler)
  • Is Sark going to come back for good? He is definitely my favorite villain.
  • Does anyone ACTUALLY die in Alias-land? No matter who it is, whether you've met them or not, whether you saw them killed on screen or not, whether they've been dead for 30 minutes or 30 years, there is always the possibility that a dead character can actually be alive. First Irina Derevko, then Allison Doren, then Emily Sloane, now Vaughn's dad... this gives me hope that Irina is not really dead again and that the producers will be able to talk Lena Olin into coming back on the show. She was one of my favorites!

Well, if you've gotten to this point, you either love Alias as much as I do, in which case, we need to talk more, or you are bored to tears. So, I'll end this random conversation and sign off until tomorrow when I discuss how annoyed I am that Survivor was on Wednesday this week and I just realized I forgot to watch it!


Lindsey said...

Lost is better.

Katherine said...

Alias does rock!! One of my best friends in Lubbock get me into it-a season late, but nonetheless-and I have found some faithful followers here...I just wished it hadn't moved to Wednesdays-it totally conflicts with the West Wing. Thank goodness for VCR's...

The verdict is still out on Sloane...but I think he may have turned a corner-he just totally creeps me out!

Sark better come back-I'm with ya-I love watching him...and I have to admit that I was glad that Lauren died-I could not stand that woman AT ALL!! She better not come back to life...but it would be great if Irina came back...

If Sydney breaks up with Vaughn again-I am definitely going into Alias land and claiming him for my own!! He is just beautiful...I know I would have to fight for him!

Happy (belated) Alias day!! ;)

Emily said...

Katherine -
Totally agree with you on the whole Lauren thing. My friend Taylor put it the best when she said, "Is it horrible that I wanted Lauren to die BEFORE I knew she was bad?"