Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Pet Peeves

Everyone has a list of pet peeves. Here is mine so stop doing them if you think they apply to you! :)
  1. Animals dressed as humans. Oh wait...that's Monica Gellar's pet peeve....
  2. People at ACU who think that if you don't go to EVERY church-related function that is available (and there is at least one for every night of the week) then you are not a Christian.
  3. People filing their fingernails around me. It sends chills up my spine and drives me NUTS! (Nichole, my roommate of 4 years, just caught on to this one last year!)
  4. When people sing songs they don't know the words to and just mumble through the parts they don't know. On the opposite end...I love it when people don't know the words to a song but sing totally different words loud and proud. That takes guts!
  5. Reduced fat anything.
  6. When someone cleans the living room when I'm not home and puts everything that was mine in the living room on my bed. Just put it in a stack on the table and let me put it up on my own when I get home! Don't add to the mess that is my room! (Nichole just picked up on this one last week!)
  7. Stealing one from Katie McBroom - when people are telling me a story involving their parents and they say "Mom" or "Dad" instead of "my Mom" or "my Dad." When you simply say "Mom" it means MY mom, not yours!
  8. When people get their feelings hurt and visibly pout, making everything awkward and weird for everyone else around. Either get over it or tell people what you're mad about so it can get fixed!
  9. When people read my blog and don't comment.... (haha! Just kidding!)

I think thats it for today. I invite you to comment with your biggest pet peeve...I feel like there's one I'm forgetting. Have a nice day!


Lindsey said...

Man, Emily I was so about to write a whole post about the "my mom" issue. Arrrrrgh! I hate it when people clip their nails and don't clean up the remainings. I don't want to lay on the floor then find your nasty toenail in my hair!

Katherine said...

I have a funny story about people clipping their nails...and I don't know if any of you Altamesa people were there this particular night, but it was quite amusing, but really gross...

This was a few years back on either a Sunday or Wednesday night while we were in the auditorium-but we could hear someone clipping their nails, because it makes a really loud sound and it was like echoing through the room...so we are looking around, and at the back of the auditorium (or "worship center" as it is now affectionately called) one of our elders...yes, our elders was sitting by himself clipping his nails...and not only his nails...but he had his shoe off and was clipping his TOE nails!!

It was so gross...and right there in the middle of the sermon at church-there are just some things that are meant to be done at home!!

I'll just let you ponder which one it was...LOL