Tuesday, May 17, 2005

To drain or not to drain

Today I went to the eye doctor (Lindsey, you've already heard this a couple of times, so you can skip down a bit). I found out that there is a reason that I seem to have an unusually large amount of eye problems and why my contacts are always bothering me and my eyes always red. And if you went to Brenham on the Middle School Mission Trip in like, 1996 or so, you certainly can't forget how my eye randomly swelled to about the size of a ping pong ball (I know, great mental image, sorry). Well apparently I have a condition called DES - Dry Eye Syndrome. Original huh? I have the exact opposite problem that Maisy Inlow recently had surgery for - her tear ducts were clogged and wouldn't drain tears...mine are too big and drain tears away too quickly. So now they want to plug up one of my tear ducts in each eye. Does that seem just wrong to anyone else? I mean, when you have had constant annoying pain for over 10 years, any solution seems like something I should jump at and my doctor says it works really well. Even insurance companies must think its okay because they are paying for part of it without any trouble or referral. So depending on how my finances work out, the next time some of you see me, I may only have 1/2 of the working tear ducts that I started with. Anyone else know of any other solution? Because I'm open to suggestions that don't involve sticking silicone into my eyelids....


Ryan said...

My eyes are watering just reading this post. You can feel free to borrow eye juice from Maisy any time. She always has enough to go around. -Ryan

Trey Laminack said...

Do things to make yourself cry more often:
Watch more sad movies
Get hit in the nose
Paper cut yourself
Rub pollen on your face
Watch the Series Finale from Friends on DVD
Read the Giving Tree
Think about some things like where a father of four gets his arm blown off at his farm and his family is so poor they have to eat the arm for protein.
Or do what I do when I want to cry. Sit on my bed in the dark and image how sad all you loosers will be when I die. I'll have a great funeral.