Thursday, May 05, 2005

A Week of Lasts

- Yesterday was our last night with our roommate Deborah
- Today is my last day of work
- Tomorrow I will take my last final at ACU
- I will finish my last episode of Gilmore Girls Season 3 this evening
- This is the last week that I will be in Abilene wishing I was in Fort Worth
- Tuesday is the last episode of Amazing Race!!
- Today was the last time I'll vote on Ryan's poll saying I pretty much voted every day (okay, maybe I'm lying there!)
- I sold back my last book this morning
- This is the last time I write a post thinking I have lots of items to put in a list when it turns out I really don't. I'm out.


Jen said...

It's also a week of first!
The first time you will be able to say "I am a graduate!"
The first time you can show mw how to make those rolls you keep telling me about.
The first time to direct the musical portion of VBS.
The first time I notice how they are all selfishly directed towards helping me.....

Stuben said...

This is the last time I will ever comment on your blog!

Stuben said...

Just Kidding!