Saturday, May 14, 2005

A Whole Lotta Nothing

I did nothing today. And it was wonderful! At this point in my life, my perfect day would be to do nothing by myself all day (as long as I had an endless supply of entertaining TV shows that I hadn't seen yet...this is where my day fell short). After doing nothing all day, I would join up with some friends for dinner at H3 (pods anyone?) and then eat some of Jennifer Gambill's Harry Potter birthday cake that she made for Katie (obviously I am not on South Beach in this scenario...the second point in which my day fell short of perfect). After a delicious dinner, we would go to someones house and play a game for a while, watch the New Years Video, and laugh at how dumb we all really are. And Ryan and Maggie would be in town, so we would spend a couple of hours watching Maisy and being amazed at her cuteness. That would be my perfect day.

What would be your perfect day? Would it involve the word "pods"? Would I be invited along? Does anyone else catch the blatant style-stealing of Lindsey in this paragraph?

I'm ending my post like Lindsey today,


Stuben said...

My perfect day will come when Katie gives birth to our first child!

Lindsey said...

Ha! Great stylage. OK I'm sitting here doing a lot of nothing. Watching the whole season of the model show, again. You better watch the episodes that you missed. Especially the one where the girl passes out! I'll see you tomorrow! I'll comment later about my perfect day.

Lindsey said...

My perfect day would involve:
-breakfast with vanilla sprinkle donut and sausage rolls
-Becera's queso, salsa, and enchilada plate
-black forest cake from Swiss Pastry shop for dessert
-Johnny Carino's "Lindsey Special" for dinner
-spend the day on Kody's uncle's houseboat
-watch home videos
-play some DDR
-play some laser tag with The Browns at night in Crowley
-do some cosmic bowling
-then end the night with wrapping someone's house
Those events would be a part of the best day EVER.

Trey Laminack said...

Pods, New Years Videos, and Games.
Sounds good to me... let me know when and I'll take a vacation day.