Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Best Day Ever!

It's been a stressful week for me, so its about time I had a good day. It started off with my Marketing class getting our midterms back - I got a 92. Then I did a major presentation in Econ, which doesn't sound good, but is really a relief because it is off my back. Then I found out that I get to be 1 of 2 first-years to get to go to a Women's MBA conference in Boston...for FREE! Thats right, free trip to Boston.

And got even better....

Ben Stein came to TCU to speak tonight. I didn't think I was going to get to go because it was sold out, but one of my friends, Doug, had about 3 extra tickets, so I took one. We went to dinner before at Macaroni Grill and another guy, Mike, called to tell me to get there ASAP because they oversold the event by 400 and he didn't know how long he could hold seats for us. So I left the restaurant to help him with the seats and parked in a lot close by. There was a sign saying "Ed Landreth Hall" which is where the theater is, so I went in the closest door - the wrong door. There was no one inside, so I started walking down a hall.

And then it happened...Ben Stein walked out of a door. I got a deer-in-headlights look and froze! I didn't know what to do...should I pretend I don't know who he is or acknowledge that he's Ben Stein? So I settled for a nervous "Hi!" He said "What's your name?" I said "Emily Tate" and shook his hand and he said "Well hi Emily, my name is Ben Stein." And I responded with an oh-so-intelligent "I know! You're who I'm here to see!" And then I told him I was lost and he helped me find the right direction. It was so cool! I was so stunned that I didn't ask for his autograph OR get a picture with him, and I totally could have because it was about 40 min. before the show so he obviously wasn't in a hurry. But it definitely made my night just to meet him and then see him speak. He is an AMAZING speaker and is just so intelligent. If you haven't read his articles, you need to look them up. He's a great writer too.

So good great on a test, weight off my shoulders in Econ, free trip to Boston, and meeting Ben Stein. Overall, a pretty great day.


Lindsey said...

OH MY WORD!! That is SO awesome! I'm so jealous!!!! I would've done the same thing. Even when I planned on meeting Joey Lawrence, I was a deer in head lights. I just stared at him. My mom luckily took pictures, but it's just me staring at Joey, and Joey smiling at the camera. But I have gotten better since then. The planned events of meeting Gary Gulman and Rupert, I at least said something AND took a picture. My words that came spewing out of my mouth, were ridiculous, but at least they were words. Congrats Emily. Job well done, 92, trip to Boston, and you now can mark down another famous person that shook your hand (besides the fabulous hunky Gary Gulman).

p.s. I think you should rename your title to "Bueller...Bueller"

Ryan said...

Too cool Em. I can't wait to see Ben Stein's blog entry about getting to meet you!

Jennifer Meachem said...

i'm with you lindsey, can't help but think.. "bueller... bueller..."

Wezie said...

"Anybody...? Anybody...?"