Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Stalker Diaries Part III: Frog Stalking

Okay, so this is one that only I can claim. Well, me and a few of my MBA friends. This is a term we've coined for finding the TCU mascot in the stadium and forcing him to take a picture with us. We call it stalking because we literally chase him down and we plan on doing it every game. Our goal is to get a reaction when he sees us coming....preferrably a good reaction, but either will do. Last night we didn't get to Frog Stalk because I was the only one from our stalking group in town and didn't feel like trying to talk anyone else into joining my crazy tradition, but next game, it is totally on. This picture was from the TCU vs. New Mexico game. It is my friends, Erin and Andrew. I don't have any with the whole group because I didn't have my camera and our other friend, Mike just sent this one out. I'll be sure to share my next frog stalking picture with you all...because I KNOW how much you care about it! :)


Ryan said...

Are all these different catagories of stalking going to rhyme? Because if so, I'm outta here.

Emily said...

Parking Lot Stalking....Blog Staking....Frog Stalking....hmmm, I guess they do kind of rhyme. Sorry about that! Thats kind of creepy.