Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Stalker Diaries Part I: Parking Lot Stalking

We've all done it - you're in a completely full parking lot and you see someone walking towards their car. So you start driving about 2 mph following them down the row hoping they'll get into one of the cars close by. You then see them cross into another row, so you step on the gas and go about 40 mph, finally making a turn worthy of a scene from Gone in 60 Sec trying to get to the newly opened spot before someone else does.

Since starting at TCU, this activity has moved beyond luxury and into necessity. There are very few spots by the building that I am in, so you either have to get there early, or parking lot stalk someone just leaving class. It is such a norm in our lots that if you get to campus around 10 min. til 9 am, there will be a car in park on both ends of every row, waiting for people to come out. These are what I have come to refer to as "professional stalkers." They have an actual method to their stalking and inevitably, always get a space over someone like me who drives around in circles hoping to cross the paths of a leaving undergrad. I may just have to meet one and make them my mentor before the year is up.

Tune in tomorrow for Part II of The Stalker Diaries.


Lindsey said...

HA! Hilarious! Great blog idea, man you're on a roll. Me on the other hand, completely boring.

Ashley N said...

Yeah parking is no fun at TCU...I've given up stalking and just started taking the shuttle bus thing. I figure the time I sit there and wait on the spot is the same time or takes more time then going and parking and taking the bus.

Emily said...

I usually just get there really early, but if there are no spots I just park at Grad Housing and walk the 3 blocks to campus. I may not be so willing to do this when its cold though!

SubBlogger said...

At UTA a billion years ago, we called this 'hanger backs'. MCL