Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Stalker Diaries Part V: Inlow Stalking

For my last edition of The Stalker Diaries, I have chosen a great subject - baby pictures! I know I'm not exactly family of the Inlows, hence the stalking title, but seeing as the thought of children is far off for both me and my brother, I feel like I can claim the Inlow children in some sense. I was so excited to see the pictures Ryan posted today and was amazed at the deja vu feeling I was getting. So I looked back at my old emails (yes, I still have emails from 2 years ago....wanna fight about it?) to see where the source of this feeling came from. I quickly discovered it was because the pictures from 2003 and 2005 are IDENTICAL! So here it is - Weaver vs. Maisy - it can be kinda hard to tell which is which. Weaver will be on the left, Maisy on the right.
Day 1 pictures:

Daddy and New Baby:

Mommy and New Baby:

Babies In Bed:

A 2 year old girl fawning over baby and a girl who acts like she's 2 fawning over baby (I think they have the same amount of hair too!):

And finally, Maisy in 2005 and Maisy in 2003:

I can't wait to get to see Weaver in person and I'm so happy for the whole Inlow clan! Have a great day!


Lindsey said...

Emily, fabulous posting. This series was successful all around. Loved the pictures.

Jen said...

This was great & so funny! I am sure that we have the same pictures of our kids!

SubBlogger said...

Excellent! A++

Jennifer Meachem said...

they are amazingly identical! the picture of maisy in the bassinette (present day) was hilarious!