Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Spring Break! WoooHoooo!

I've already discovered that graduate school is very different undergrad in many ways, and this week I found another one....Spring Break. To illustrate my point, I am going to present to you a side by side comparison of this years Spring Break to last years Spring Break.

2005 - I am on a plane flying to Vienna, Austria. Get into my apartment at 11/12 Davidgasse and watch some German music videos on MTV.
2006 - Wake up feeling sick, trade out cars with Stephen so he can set up for the bridal show, spend my Saturday night at my friend Erin's house working on our consulting job for LSG Sky Chefs.

2005 - Go to church in Vienna, tour the city looking at LOTS of pretty old buildings
2006 - Work at a Bridal Show all day. Go to Dallas to go to dinner and a movie. This is the highlight of my Spring Break.

2005 - Took tours of the International University, ate some German food, saw Stephensdom and generally hung out in Vienna. I think we went to Schonbrunn Palace this day too.
2006 - Sat in Smith Hall on TCU campus from 8 am til 4:30 pm working on consulting. Ate dinner, worked on Sky Chefs more

2005 - Went to the UN, sat at the desk that has the United States name plate, saw Karlskirche, fell in love with Europe
2006 - Sat in Smith Hall on TCU campus from 10 am til 6:00 pm

2005 - Vienna, Vienna, Vienna
2006 - Sky Chefs, Sky Chefs, Sky Chefs.

Anyone sensing a pattern? So now when people who are working try to tell me that I have it easy because I'm in school and get things like Spring Break, I'm just going to refer them to the fabulous week that I've had. I'm going to need a break to recover from my Spring Break! Someone tell me a fun Spring Break story so I can remember that they still exist. :)

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