Sunday, March 19, 2006

Things That Make Me Smile Part 1: Old Friends

Recently my life (and blogs) have been filled with stress and annoyances. So I have decided to devote one full week to things that make me smile.
It makes me smile when I can talk to an old friend and its not weird. So many times after someone stops being a part of your daily life and you lose touch, when you talk to each other again it is a little awkward and never goes past small talk about what you are doing in life. Well today I got a message from one of my old friends from ACU, Brad Benham, on myspace. We exchanged IMs and talked for about 2 hours. It was really great. He's in California in Pepperdine Law School now, so we really haven't talked much since graduation, but it was one of those conversations that went beyond "So, how's school?" and into actual dialogue. It made me very nostalgic and although it really made me miss my college friends, it made me happy tonight. It feels great to find another friend that I really think will continue into the next part of my life. It always feels good to end a conversation with the other person saying " i like this, it makes me smile, bye!!!!" And it makes me smile too. :)

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