Friday, March 31, 2006

TCU Bookstore Fire

Dear TCU Students,

I know many of you were shocked by yesterday’s fire at the TCU Bookstore. Certainly watching the building burn and seeing the dramatic pictures of the fire used by the media might have been a little unsettling.

Many of you are asking what the university will do now. We don’t yet have all the answers to your, or our, questions. Engineers are looking at the building to help us decide what to do. What we do know is that TCU is committed to providing a new bookstore facility that will be aesthetically first class and will offer books, supplies, TCU labeled items and more in a convenient and efficient way.

We are also pleased that no merchandise was lost in the fire and that you still have opportunity to shop for your textbooks for class, school supplies, and purchase other Horned Frog memorabilia in the temporary bookstore located just in front of where the bookstore will be rebuilt.

As a pedestrian campus, we realize the importance of providing excellent services that are easily accessed. We will keep the campus posted regarding our progress related to the bookstore.

On a totally unrelated note, tuition for all education levels will be increasing next year by 15%. We hope that you understand as we strive to rebuild the bookstore...i the quality of your education.

Chancellor Victor Boschini


Stuben said...

That was odd.

Ashley N said...

That's weird...I don't seem to remember that last paragraph being in my email from the Chancellor :)

Emily said...