Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Fat Club!

Maggie has started a revolution! In her daring post declaring to the world that it was time to lose the baby weight, she has enticed the rest of the world (and by world, I mean our blogring. Its the world that matters, right?) to stand up and say "I'm fat as a word that rhymes with "gel" and I'm not gonna take it anymore!" (shout out to the movie Network).

Lindsey started Fat Club which is basically a contest to motivate people to actually lose the weight we've been claiming we will and me, being the MBA girl, took it to the next level and designed a spreadsheet that would calculate the % lost (that is our evaluation of who wins) and we've started a blog! So everyone (except Ashley Lee...you're too skinny. haha) come join our contest. Check out the blog by clicking here and shoot me an email to sign up. It'll be a really fun contest with benefits even for the losers!

P.S. Tomorrow I'll post about Race for the Cure. It went great, but I just wanted to get this up ASAP so people can start. :)


hr said...

This is both brilliant and completely hysterical.

Emily said...

Yeah, Holly isn't allowed to join either. Too skinny :)

Ashley said...

Ok, fine then. I don't wanna be in your club anyways! :)

You know, I REALLY thought about making some reference to the fact that there's no way I could be skinny being 6 months preggo or something...but that probably STILL wouldn't make you pick up the phone!!! :)...Don't worry, I'm not, BTW....or am I? CALL ME (is that naggy enough?) and find out! :)

Maggie said...

I never thought being honest about the weight I gained from being pregnant w/ Weaver would amount to ALL this- I told you I was famous.