Tuesday, April 11, 2006

National "Emily is an Airhead" Day

Apparently today was National "Emily is an Airhead" Day. It has been an....interesting day. :)

This morning I had a meeting with Americredit's CEO for a project I am working on with him at his office downtown. I parked in the Burnett Plaza Garage because he can validate my parking there and I won't have to pay. The meeting was supposed to end at noon, giving me just enough time to get out of downtown, grab some fast food, and get to class at 12:30. The meeting ended at 12:15 so I rushed out to the garage to leave. I get in the elevator, push level 6 which I had taken great care to remember, and get out. Then I can't find my car. I am walking up and down all of the different ramps (all of the rows in this garage are ramps to some place or another) looking and looking. I set off the alarm and start heading that direction, and still can't find it. It took me 15 minutes to find my car in the garage. I felt like an idiot, and I didn't get lunch. But that was only the beginning.

Because I was now late for class, there was no parking by my building. TCU just tore down the old Staples on Berry and made a parking lot with a shuttle that goes to the business building. I decide to try it out. It was great - drove me right up to the door so I could run into class (about 20 minutes late). So after class was over and I finished a group meeting (that took longer than necessary because I was an idiot and did a totally wrong thing on a stats problem. Another Emily is an Airhead moment but too boring to explain) I go out to the shuttle stop and get on. When it starts driving the opposite way from the lot, I realize that more than one shuttle picks up there and I got on the wrong one! But me being me, I am too embarrassed to tell the driver I'm on the wrong one and get dropped off on the back side of the football stadium AKA the exact opposite side of campus from where I needed to be. I get out and walk all the way back to the business building to pick up the right shuttle. I ended up walking about 4 times further than I would have had to if I had just walked to the lot that my shuttle drove to!

I have decided that I am not leaving my apartment for the rest of the night to avoid making any more stupid mistakes. I also have a really funny story about what happens when an undergrad decides to mass email the entire TCU campus with a false forward (Ashley, was your inbox as full as mine?), but that one will have to wait til tomorrow. :)


Ashley N said...

So I totally identified with your email. I've definitely gotten on the wrong shuttle before and done the exact same thing...stayed on and walked a long way to where I actually needed to be.

And OH MY GOSH...those emails were so insane and stupid and I'm afraid they will continue. I don't know how he got access to that? (sorry, hope I haven't ruined the surprise for the next blog). I didn't get home until 10 at night since 6 this morning so yeah...had a few emails!

Emily said...

Eh, not really a surprise to ruin. Just too much happening in one day for one blog.

Velcro said...

Downtown parking is the pits! Thanks for visiting my blog! Later.

Ty said...

Yeah, sorry about your bad day. When I was in Jr. High, I once got on the wrong bus and ended up on the wrong side of town but I was too embarrised to tell the bus driver, so I just got off and walked to my dad's work a few miles away -- much farther away than my school was from home.