Sunday, April 23, 2006

Studying Fun

So I'm in a TCU team room right now with two of my friends, Andrew and Alfredo. We are supposedly studying for our Operations final that is tomorrow, but keep getting distracted. So I started singing a little song and without prompting, each person added on a line. It actually came out pretty well. Sing to the tune of "Frere Jacques" - Hope you enjoy our studying humor, cause its not far from the truth! :)

Emily: Motivation, motivation, where are you? Where are you?

Andrew: Someone come and help me! Someone come and help me!

Alfredo: I am screwed. I am screwed.

We also have studying fun with the quotes on our Google Talk. On Friday, we had our IT final which consisted of analyzing a case study about Schwab. My gtalk quote paid homage to Billy Madison by reading "Stop looking at me Schwab!" Right now, a guy named Hud has up a quote that has me cracking up because I just think of Trey, Kody, and the Bammel VBS a few years ago. His says "I'll price break you!" Okay, I know that none of these are really THAT funny, but we have to cling to what we can get - its MBA finals week.


karen b said...

hi emily,
you might remember that i've had your keyboard at our house since last fall (btw, thanks!!).
anyway, the Altamesa VBS crew has asked if they could borrow it for rehearsals -- is that ok with you? i think jen g. will keep it in her office when it's not being used.

good luck on all your finals!

Emily said...

thats fine! thanks for the luck!

Stuben said...

I am beginning to only remember you as a cast member of pleasntville...