Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Couple of Cakes

I forgot that I had pictures of these until tonight and decided to post a blog about something other than job searching. Those posts will resume this week. :)

This was for a baby shower. I spent several hours making fondant buttons, baking a cake that was 1/2 chocolate and 1/2 white cake, making the top in different colored blocks....and when I picked it up the cake board folded in half and I nearly smashed the whole thing!! Luckily it wasn't too awfully ruined and I was able to fix it for the most part - it just looked a little messier than I hoped.

After the smashing:

All fixed! Well, almost:

The buttons:

I also made this cake for a birthday party. I think she was turning 4 and it was a Purse Party. What purse party would be complete without a purple purse cake?

Thats all for now!


Ashley N said...
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Ashley N said...

Those cakes are fabulous! I love the little buttons!!

Yeah, this week's game was a bit of a downer. I'm upset that in the coach's poll Tech is ranked above us (since we are no longer ranked at all)...we beat them! But you're right...we'll come back...I'm ready for Utah!

Maggie said...

great cakes - very cute.

Gina said...

Those cakes are darling! You've got a great career in cakes just waiting for you if you decide you're sick of interviewing.

I love cute cakes. For my 6th birthday, my mom made me a shape-cake that looked exactly like Miss Piggy. Ring on her finger, flower in her hair, and honest-to-goodness false eyelashes. It was the coolest. If I can find a picture, I'll post it on my blog one of these days...

Gina (Ty's sister)