Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Project Runway

Geoffrey did NOT just win! Everything that came down the runway of his collection I thought was just awful....even from a new york, edgy-type style. I guess this just confirms my lack of fashion sense. But if THAT's fashion, then I retract my point number 3 on my last post.

Uli or Michael should've won.


Maggie said...

I loved Laura and Uli. Michael had been my fav since week one but I hated his collection, I thought HE even looked bad last night-

I was shocked I hated all those red polkadots, that green zipper dress, the whole thing stunk. I was not happy.

By the way I think you always look cute!

Ashley N said...

I was so upset! Not only did I not like Jeffrey's collection but he's so rude! I agree with Maggie, Michael was always my favorite but he let us down in the collection.

Jennifer Meachem said...

biggest disappointment:
biggest surprise:
second biggest disappointment:
second biggest surprise:
my favorite line was laura's! i thought she made her old frumpy stuff she usually does look so good. yes, it was all evening wear, but so what? it's fun to look at. i was so surprised that her stuff looked so different than all of the challenges.
i could go on and on, i am a HUGE PR fan but will blog about it on my own rather than take up all your space. :o)

Lindsey said...

HA! I so disagree with all of you folks. I HAAAAAATE Laura and Uli makes the same outfit everyday. I loved Jeffrey with all my heart. I thought the zipper dress was amazing. I thought his stuff looked very Anthropologie. I wanted Michael to win until I saw his collection. Yikes, they looked like Austin Powers Costumes.

Wow, I'm really surprised that I completely disagree with all of y'all. That doesn't normally happen...

p.s. I loved it when he made Angela's mom cry.