Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sometimes I wish...

  • I had kids just so I could post cute pictures on my blog. It gets a little boring over here, I know.
  • I was a person who was always on time rather than always running about 5 minutes late.
  • I had more fashion sense.
  • I was better at keeping up with old friends (enter: blogs and myspace)
  • I had really gotten into Scrubs when it first came out rather than being a casual watcher until last year
  • I had a roommate (and then the moment passes!)
  • I could remember all the really good blog topics that I come up with and then can't remember when it comes time to actually write them.


hr said...

Go read "Callie's Tally" by Betsy Howie if you want to be exceedingly grateful you don't have kids. It's a funny accounting of the first year of the author's daughter's life. I think there was supposed to be an uplifting pro-parenthood message about how "worth it" it was but I think I was too traumatized to really absorb...

But yes, yes, yes, to every one of your other sometimes-wishes. The blog and fashion ones I think of daily.

Maggie said...

I love your blog-
some times I wish I had intresting things happen that do not involve kid stuff.

Deb said...

uh, I'm offended by point #6. =)