Sunday, March 18, 2007

Fun with Photos!

My dad bought me a fantastic new printer for Christmas - one that is made for printing photos and CDs and things like that. Because of several things, I didn't actually get it set up until this weekend. Since then I've had so much fun printing out photos that I've been wanting to print for a long time. They look fantastic!

One picture in particular is one that I took in Austria 2 years ago. I've always said that this picture looks like a postcard except for the power lines and red crane in the background.

So tonight I decided to see if I could take them out. Now I don't have photoshop. I can't create cool things from scratch like Stephen or put people's faces on other people's bodies like Megan, but I have been known to do some pretty great things with Microsoft Paint! :) I took out the crane and powerlines and I think I was does look like a postcard! I know, I can tell where stuff used to be if you look hard, but at first glance, I think this pretty impressive for an inferior graphics program.


megan said...

It looks great! I'm very impressed. Makes me want to travel-that's a postcard picture for sure!

Ryan said...

There is a free software download that is called It's like the MS paint program on steroids. I use it all the time. You should try it.

Josh said...

Those printers are totally cool! I want one! I WANT ONE!

Anyways, the wife & I have been going to RH CofC on Saturday Nights, and we really enjoy it.

Trying to talk Stube & Katie to go, but that might be a few years away.