Sunday, March 04, 2007


So I've been out of commission for 2 weeks now and the diagnosis on Monday was pneumonia. And of course, having asthma just makes everything worse. But I got to the doctor just in time - he said 2 more days and I would have been in the hospital. But I got on steroids and antibiotics, crossed my fingers that there would be no random drug tests for anything (ha!) and prayed that it would work. I'm not well yet, but finally on the way up!

In other news, the next cycle of America's Next Top Model started this week and made me VERY happy! I love that show!

I'll write more later, but now I get to go study for a midterm and a final in two classes, neither of which I have attended for two weeks! Wish me luck!


Maggie said...

you poor thing! i am SO sorry :(

Ashley N said...
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Ashley N said...

I love ANTM!! But how silly was that Boot camp!

Hope you get to feeling better!

Ryan said...


Ty said...

Thank you Emily, now I feel a little grateful that I didn't get pneumonia and only got the stomach flu last Thursday and Strep today.