Friday, June 15, 2007

Fire Update

No fire - just fire my last post.

Its now 5:33 AM and the fire department has just now gotten the alarms turned off. Apparently this guy didn't just burn something, he burned ALOT because the entire hallway smells like smoke and my apartment smells like smoke. Ugh. Flashbacks to freshman year of college when the dorm room of two girls down the hall from me in Nelson burned to the ground. They had to hire in special crews to get the smoke smell and soot out. Maybe I can at least get some rent money back!

Looking on the bright side, I met several of my neighbors while we were waiting in the parking garage trying to get away from the noise! Had to do it some time, might as well be now. :)

I'm off to bed to try to sleep for another hour or so. Good morning everyone!

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