Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Throughout college, I have been introduced to the concept of different crushes besides "I like you" crushes. Basically, anyone you admire in a specific way can cause a situational crush. So I would like to start a new term: Blog-Crush. And I definitely have blog crush on Ryan Inlow.

I'm pretty sure that all 3 of the readers of my blog that I know about are already fans of his blog, but I would just like to take a day to point out how much of a blogging genius he is! I cannot list one post on his site that I haven't loved reading - even the one about the international scout that he claims is only interesting to himself and Maggie. Because even things that aren't necessarily interesting become interesting when Ryan talks about them. Unlike myself who has a topic that is potentially very interesting but comes out as a jumbled mess when I try to type it. Ryan's blog is so good that I can even keep time by it! Last week, I was on the internet reading blogs when I came upon Ryan's "This is What I Clicked" post for the week. All day I had thought it was Wednesday, but since I know that Wednesday is Devo post and Thursday is What I Clicked post day, I got my schedule straight. It makes me happy that he always posts great pictures and has great anecdotes about what is going on in his family. So to sum it all up, here's to you, Ryan Inlow. Your blogging is definitely something to be achieved by others and therefore merits the amazing blog-crush I currently have. I wish my blog was good like yours.


Ryan said...

Emily you are very kind. And I enjoy reading your blog. The thing about my blog is this: if its good, that's bad, because that means I'm spending way too much time on it. I'm really glad that you read it and comment on it. -Ryan

Ben said...

Hey I guess in a way my blog crush is on you... But ewww your my sister so I hope Blog Crushes are strictly platonic. But yeah you introduced them, and judging by my zero comments ever. Im gonna guess your my only reader ... So your my sister your my, your my friend, your my Blog Crush.


Ryan said...

Emily I too love the blog. I am willing to share my husbands great wirting abilities with you anytime. I am glad other people see how truly talented he is! I love you- MAGS

Stuben said...

Sorry to say I have a Blog-Crush on Lindsey. AHHHH I am soo ashamed. It's like a singing to old cartoon songs by yourself in the car. I find Lindsey to be weirdly honest and most unlike I have ever seen her before, like a door to the real Lindsey. So I admit it I have a Blog-crush on Lindsey Lohan, HAHAHA you thought I ment Lindsey Holder, HAHAHAH Oh boy did I fool you HAHAHAH, JK it really is on Holder's Blog. Peace