Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Happy Alias Day! (Part 2)

Last week after Alias, my roommates and I were commenting about how it was possibly the best episode ever. So our friend, Ryan, asked us what had happened. Upon telling him what had occured in the episode, we realized how absurd a synopsis must sound to anyone who doesn't regularly watch the show, and it made us laugh. So in honor of Alias Day, I give you our synopsis of last weeks episode:

"So first, Sydney pretended to be a flaminco dancer in Cuba to get a guy to tell her where a disk was that told where the next terrorist attack would be. The guy told her it was in a locker and Dixon went and got it. On the way back to the airport to leave Cuba, Sydney and Vaughn talked about going dancing, but then the bad guys shot her cab driver and kidnapped her. Then the hard drive exploded inside of APO (the division of the CIA they work for) and it had a bio-weapon in it! Everyone ended up being okay because they sucked the stuff out through a vent and injected themselves with an anitodote, but they had the building in lockdown. But Marshall was late because his son was sick, so he couldn't get in. Then they called Sydney and she was in a coffin buried alive! Since they were in lockdown, no one could go but Marshall. So he went to Cuba and tore apart a radio to make a thing that could track her through her cell phone signal, but right when he got to the graveyard, her phone died. So they re-routed the satellite to Cuba and turned it to track body heat and he found her and gave her CPR to save her.

But they couldn't go home yet! They had to go to Germany to find the bad guy and get the real hard drive so that they could stop the attack. But the bad guy knew who Sydney was, so Marshall had to go in and get info from his harddrive through a cigarette case. While he was in the bad guy's office talking to him, he accidentally killed the bad guy with his cell phone..."

Ryan interrupts: "What? He hit him in the head with the cell phone?"

Me: "NO! There was a gun IN the cell phone!"

Ryan: "Oh, right, silly me..."

Me: "ANYWAYS...they needed the bad guy's eyes to do a retinal scan to get the encryption code off the server, so Marshall cut out his eye with a letter opener and a spork. Then they took it downstairs and got everything they needed to save Hong Kong because thats where the next attack was going to be. Then they went home and Dixon was okay and Sydney and Vaughn danced in the train station. Best episode ever!"

What TV shows do you watch that sound completely insane and stupid when explained, but are awesome when you watch them? (I know at least one of Lindsey's!)


Lindsey said...


Emily said...

You didn't answer the question Lindsey! Your's is Lost. Just think of one episode in your head and realize how absurd it sounds that they are running from the thing in the woods and the french lady on the radio that kills people!

Lindsey said...

Yes Lost, I figured I didn't even have to answer since you already knew. Hmmm....besides Lost, I'm not sure, I'll have to think about it.

Katherine said...

We watched Alias with a couple of newcomers week before last, and it was pretty interesting trying to explain what the heck was going on-and it did sound really stinkin' funny when we were trying to explain it. I came in on the second season, and for my best friend to even catch me up from the first season was crazy!!

It was a great episode and I LOVE Marshall!! But not near as much as I am in love with Vaughn...

Lindsey said...

OK, I have another one. It's not TV or a movie, it's a book. Harry Potter. I haven't read it, but I've listened to everyone and their dog, explain the book. It just sounds like craziness.