Friday, January 27, 2006

And now for a real dream...

Okay, so I never really had interrogation interview nightmares. But the last 2 nights I have had really weird dreams. Dreams are usually really weird anyways, with locations magically changing and such, so I'm not counting that kind of weird. They have been particularly weird because they have been a steady stream of cameos from people from my past. People that I haven't seen in years, so its not like I'm transferring a sighting of them into my dream or anything. No ex boyfriends, so its nothing like that, just random people. For example, in one part of my dream last night, I was walking through Graumann's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood with Valerie Yanaros (a girl I was a cheerleader with in H.S. but not best friends or anything) and Kat Boone (former ISCC camper and fellow Kojie at ACU) when we ran into Jonny Bartee (pretty much everyone who reads this should know who he is I think...). It is just stuff like that all night long. Any interpretation attempts?

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Joanie said...

Emily, you'd better check yourself into the Psych Ward immediately!

I've been shot many times in my dreams...and here's the good doesn't hurt!