Monday, January 16, 2006

Observations from a Reality TV Junkie

Most of you know that my not-so-guilty pleasure is reality tv. If I don't want to watch a reality show, I can't let myself watch even 1 episode of it because I will be hooked, even if i hate the show (case in point...My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance'...hated it yet watched every episode.) Here are some of my thoughts tonight about the goings on of a few of my reality shows.

The Bachelor: I haven't watched this one in a few seasons, but tonight at the very end they showed a shot of some of the girls doing that thing where one person lays down and is the legs of another person sitting on top, most often used with a "fitness guru" skit. And the girls who weren't a part of it were hysterically laughing. Why do people still think that this is funny? I understand the 3rd graders at Iron Springs thinking it is hilarious because they've never seen it before, but seriously! Past the age of 8, its just kinda dumb, but yet there are always at least two people who feel the need to do it. I have been guilty of it at some points in my life and have the pictures to prove it, but the girls on here are my age and should know better by now.

Real World/Road Rules Challenge: As much as i have always wanted to go on reality tv, the thought of postponing my life for a couple of months is just out of the question for me unless it would fall on a summer break. These people have been reality tv people FOREVER! Seriously, they have a whole team of "veterans," people who have done more than 2 RW/RR challenges! Add in the actual season of real world or road rules that they were on, and some of these people have been doing nothing with their lives but these challenges for several years. How do you explain that gap in work experience when you finally realize you have to get a real job? "I spent 6 years as a contestant on Real World/Road Rules challenge, wasting any skill that I might have had at one point."

Survivor: I'm sad. I saw my first commercial for the new season that starts in February tonight. They are now having 4 tribes and the voted outs go to some exile island? You know a show is running out of steam when they start trying to throw in more and more twists to keep it fresh. Case in point: Amazing Race Family Edition. The great thing about reality tv is, the new people make it fresh - that is why The Real World hasn't ever really had to make any major changes to stay popular. The more complications you add, the less you get to see of interpersonal relationships and the more boring the show becomes (I'd also like to give kudos to the Bachelor...only minor changes to the format in 5 years).

Any and all reality shows: Why is there always one person who goes on reality tv shows hoping to further their acting careers? It is just so ridiculous! Like anyone would want to work with someone who they've seen acting like a total idiot (because everyone looks like an idiot at some point)? Colby is the only one i can think of that has gone on to have a "career" if you can call guest star on Joey a career....learn from other people's mistakes and just give up acting if you have to go on reality tv as a last resort.

And those are my thoughts for today. Let the "reality" roll!


Stuben said...

What about Elizabeth now on the VIEW!

Emily said...

First of all...its EliSabeth...I'm such a nerd! And after survivor, she was dead to me. I guess she is another breakout reality-into-something-"real" star, although I firmly believe that The View is only a warped board (not enough to be a step) above being a regular joey guest star.

Ashley said...

Now, now, Don't be "Hatin" on my Amazing Race...JUST because the season yall wanted in happened to be the family edition. It'll be back in full force in the new season. :)
I TOTALLY agree about the RR/RW show...those people are pathetic...I just keep thinking "GET A JOB!!! If you would, it wouldn't be SO necessary that you win $1000 in a challenge!"

Lindsey said...

OK, I so said the EXACT same thing yesterday about the bachelor. I freaked out that they did that dumb skit, and said that no one past 4th grade should do it. I seriously went off for 10 minutes about it.

Stuben said...

Let's see a no-one from survivor to being on your TV 5 days a week!
That is not only a step, that is a LEAP!

Emily said...

You get my point in the original post though....out of THOUSANDS of reality contestants, 1 1/2 have made anything out of it and their original purpose for being on the reality show wasn't to further their career, that just happened afterwards. I'm talking about the people who think that they are just going on shows like The Bachelor to get discovered.