Friday, January 13, 2006

Arson Ban

Ever since the infamous wildfires started in Texas, those electronic warning billboards have been flashing "Statewide Fire Danger" and "Burn Bans in Effect" and then a number to call to report violations. To be totally honest, these signs were the first thing that I ever knew about the fires - I hadn't heard it on the news or anything until after I saw them. Well today when I was driving, I noticed that the 2nd message had changed: "Arson/Burn Bans in Effect" Boy, am I glad they added Arson to the list of things that are banned! I mean, until this point, I think the general public thought it was okay to purposely set other peoples' things on fire. In fact, I was on my way to set Katie and Stephen's house on fire until I saw that sign, but it made me realize that arson is now banned. Seriously, don't you think that most people would assume that if its illegal to have a barbecue right now, starting larger destructive fires would be off limits as well? Thank you, State of Texas, for stating the obvious.


Allyson said...

I actually had this exact same conversation while driving down the road, just a few days ago!

Lindsey said...

HA. Sadly I find excitement in the fires. Something was on fire over on MLK bridge on Thursday night. It was on the news at ten, I so badly wanted to to drive over and watch the field burn, be a part of the excitement. I actually wanted to take a pic in front of the blaze holding a lighter. But then I would've been arrested. I'm glad I have a filter so I don't do ALL of my ideas.